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About Risk Return Metrics (RRM)

Risk Return Metrics Pty Ltd (ABN 98 642 969 819) was established by the company’s principal Rodney Lay in June 2020 with the express intention to provide institutional grade absolute and relative performance analysis and ratings for retail and wholesale investors, IFAs and investment managers. The primary focus is on the managed investment sectors, both LICs/LITs and Active and Passive ETFs listed on the Australian market. A secondary focus is on the provision of select quantitative based profiles on select Australian domiciled unlisted managed funds. In total, RRM is expected to provide monthly updates on approximately 550 Australian domiciled investment strategies across the full asset class spectrum.

The investment product reports produced by RRM contain a number of differentiating factors to which have and are currently available in the Australian market, with the most notable being 1)  HTML-based sub-reports for each strategy and 2) the emphasis on peer group benchmarking for comparative analysis as opposed to the industry standard of utilising industry benchmarks.

The former function enables the provision of detailed metrics regarding returns, risk/capital preservation, performance path, and efficiency, but does so by way of the sub-report feature without comprising the conciseness and readability of the primary report. Less is More, and More is More. The latter is viewed as a superior comparative basis in terms of facilitating investor choice regarding competing investment strategies in a particular (sub-)asset class.

In March 2021, RRM successfully obtained both a retail and wholesale research rating license (Risk Return Metrics Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Alpha Securities Pty Ltd (ACN: 124 327 064, AFSL: 330757). The retail license is essential to enabling the broad distribution of rated research reports, and is deemed essential for both the LIC/LIT and, in particular, the fast growing ETF segment in Australia, from the perspective of maximising value of ratings research dollar spent by investment managers.

Rodney Lay has 25 years’ experience in investment analysis, first starting as an equities analyst at BZW / ABN Amro. Subsequently, he specialised in structured products in the lead up to the GFC and then moved to a dedicated focus on listed and unlisted managed investments. Rodney has had a long involvement in the listed space of the market, both LICs/LITs and ETFs.

Asset class experience is broad, including equities (long-only, long/short, market neutral, enhanced income), global listed infrastructure and property, alternative strategies (hedge funds, global macro, quantitative strategies), retirement solution products, private assets, and public and private debt. Public and private debt strategies have been a particular focus over the last three years, reflecting growing retail and wholesale client demand.

Rodney has a strong understanding of the nuances of different investment structures, including LICs/LITs, Active ETFs, SMAs/ IMAs and the recently launched dual listed/unlisted structure. Rodney has undertaken investment analysis on behalf of some of the most recognised global and domestic fund managers in both the listed and unlisted investment strategy sectors.