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June 2021 LIC/LIT Monthly Report


Key content-

Market Update: MLT Merger – Transforming an ‘Old School’ LIC Giant into a Diversified, Through Market Cycle ‘family office’ style Investment Vehicle; RF1 – The Massive Distribution and the ‘Money for Jam’ DRP; PIC – The Inside of the 1 for 1 Bonus Option Offer from the Best Performing Value LIC; The Smart Bonus Options Trading Strategy – How to Game Crowd Behaviours; Ryder Capital (RYD) – The Raw Undiluted Performance Numbers are Even Stronger; WAR – IPO Close, Expected Secondary Market Demand and what the MHH ‘Raid’ tell us; NBI – Why We Should Not be Concern about PM Vivek Bommi’s Departure. MA1 – The First to ETMF Convert – Where the Brave Tread.

Sector LIC/LIT Rankings – What’s Top of the Pops (MIR, OPH, HM1, RF1, PIC, WQG). Paul Moore’s (PGF) Thematic Long Game on the Move

Cross-Correlation Heat Maps – The Same, Same and the Renegade Outsiders (VG1, FGG, IBC),

RRM Monthly June 2021 ZIP 90 LIC/LIT Rated and Non-Rated Profiles – and All the Quant You May Want (HTML-embedded)

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