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Introduction: Risk Return Metrics has teamed with some of the most experienced service providers in their respective specialistions to facilitate the services detailed below;

  • Investment Manager Monthly Reports White labelling. These can be based on the standard templates on the Money Ball website or tailored as an Investment Manager sees fit. Rack rates are highly competitive and often cost positive if an Investment Manager is utilising other data service providers combined with internal resourcing requirements. Additionally, Risk Return Metrics can faciltitate broader distribution through the Money Ball website. The service is supported by an experienced and well resource service provider, ensuring regularity and sustainability of monthly / quarterly service provision.
    • Investment Ratings. Based on both Qual and Quant analysis, Risk Return Metrics is integrally involved with the most experienced (by analyst) ratings provider in the market. The benefits being: analysts that truly understand the relevant asset class that only comes with time in the market; agile, nimble,timely report delivery (no prolonged ratings cycles); team stability (no new analysts for each annual review, annoyingly necessitating an investment manager to explain the whole process anew); ratings that are otherwise inexplicable to truly experienced analysts; and the ability to rate new managers and/or new products (no 3-year track-record hard and fast hurdle for a rating).
    • Capital Raisings. RRM metrics has teamed with one of the most effective teams in the market with a proven track-record of raising capital and providing on-going distribution support and investor communications.
    • Investment Consulting. RRM metrics has teamed with a highly experienced investment consulting basis that provides general advice to IFAs, APL setting services, and Investment Committee services.